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A Dedicated Leader for Monroe County Clerk

Peter Vazquez embodies the essence of leadership. Born and raised in Rochester, NY, as a disabled veteran, he has dedicated his life to community service, leadership in both the business and nonprofit sectors, and advocacy for unity, inclusion, and growth within our community. His life story is a testament to resilience, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the betterment of society.


As a husband, a father of five, a grandfather, and a devoted caregiver to his elderly parent, Peter understands the intricacies of family and community responsibilities. His involvement with community leaders and organizers has sharpened his conviction in being a steadfast, inclusive voice against divisive politics. He champions excellence in service, community, efficiency, and stewardship as vital pathways to prosperity for all, driven by a belief in quality of life, free market principles, and the importance of limited government.

Peter's bid for Monroe County Clerk is anchored in his extensive business acumen, showcasing a career rich in leadership, strategic innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to community enhancement. He has demonstrated an exceptional ability to translate business strategies into practical solutions that address the needs of the most vulnerable, highlighting his capacity to navigate complex challenges and drive meaningful change. His approach combines compassionate leadership with a keen sense of stewardship, making him a distinguished candidate for the role of Monroe County Clerk.

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